Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob

Day Of Fun

Top day with Ma today; I started it by recording a little interview for Radio 4 about asexuality, before meeting Ma for lunch at Wagamama's. After a delicious katsu curry and what felt like a million edamame beans, we headed to the cinema to see IT. We were well early so we had a slightly disappointing hazelnut latte and chat before the movie. Now, here's the thing 1990 IT is terrible. Like, it's real bad. The acting is ropey, it's so slow it's boring in parts, Curry isn't in it enough and it has aged soooo badly. This new movie is effin' nightmare fuel! I jumped several times and was on the edge of my seat throughout most of it. So good! Following that, we hit Creams for a delicious dessert. Huzzah!

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