Anna's pics

By AnnaB

Bella in reflective mood (?)

I was in two minds whether to take a photo for blip, this day.  Because it was a sad day.  Blossie had been seriously ill with her kidneys, over the weekend.  I had taken her to the vet on Friday evening.  Because she didn't seem well.  The blood tests showed her kidneys were failing to function.  So they put her on a drip over the weekend. She didn't respond to the drip and other things.  In that she didn't produce any urine or poo, all weekend..   Which meant her kidneys had gone.  And so she wasn't going to recover.  On the one hand I don't believe in putting animals to sleep.  But by Monday morning (this is a back blip), Blossie was in toxic shock.  And so she was facing a painful slow death, from her kidneys failing.  And so I did let the vet put her to sleep.  May she rest in peace.

The photo was taken in the evening.  Bella was sitting on the porch, wondering where her sister was (?)

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