And Another Thing...

By dhackett68

If You Don't Want To Know The Scores...

Look away now!

Drawda Boys 5 - 5 East M?*#h Stars

So a hell of a start, against the supposed might of the Youth wing of Drawda Utd! We were lead to expect an almighty spanking, but the lads had them in their pocket for most of the match.

It was only when the manager started mixing them around to try different positions that the Boys were able to make a comeback.

A good laugh at the sight of the opposition all changing shirts at 3-0 down, as if their inability to tell the difference between "all claret with a bit of blue on the sleeve" from the outfit above was the source of all their problems...

Didn't seem to bother our lot at all!

And in case anyone's worried, the toothless grin was toothless before the kickoff!

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