By Bom

Is that an owl?

No it's not an owl, well at least not the owl we were hoping to see. G and I had a micro blipmeet this evening with pensionspoet to go for a walk in search of an owl that she regularly sees locally. No joy re owl spotting this evening, although we did hear one. That mattered not a jot as it was a nice walk and just lovely to meet a new blipper and one who lives locally to us. 

The photo is of an owl ornament I have - it actually has a hole in the top and if you blow in it you get the sound of an owl.

Another busy day today. I had someone round this morning to take measurements for a quote for a new fireplace. I also had to print out 15 of my favourite photos on postcards for week 3 of my photography course tomorrow. Then this afternoon G and I finished writing our presentation on blipfoto that we're going to give at our next U3A photography group meeting. We also did a practice run through to see how long it would take. How on earth did I use to find time to work?

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