Learning day by day

By EmmaF


Back on court today. Carys with one of her oldest friends made a great partnership in the first half with two goals a piece. Known each other since they were two, not besties, but always there for each other, a friendship that I hope will endure. The team won 6-2 against Whitehill our strongest rivals.

Carys had been to HGS open morning today and had loved it so wasn't expecting much of John Henry tonight. I loved watching her eyes shine in the science department, as she figured out puzzles, watched a jelly baby burn and poke her (gloved) fingers into a sheep's heart. So my girl.

She came away saying she really liked it and that now she doesn't mind which school she goes to, which is good because JHN was always going in the form, it's too good a school not to. Now however we have an ordering decision to make.

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