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By AnnaB

Bye bye to Blossom (Blossie, Bloss)

Run free on Rainbow Bridge, Bloss.  Rest in Peace xxxx

When Bloss was a kitten and the first time she was officially allowed out (Up till then, while Bella and Bloss were still very young kittens (and so hadn't been spayed yet and were too young to be out on their own) Bella would dive out the front door, closely followed by her sister, when they could.  And so explore the outside, though they weren't really allowed out then, the little minxes.  And so I would be crawling under neihgbour's cars, trying to retrieve two black kittens from there (usually in the dark).  Which I always did :-). ) she shot up a tree.  And started crying, because she couldn't get down.  I was about to call the fire brigade, when she got down the tree on her own, and walked in, like nothing happened, expecting food Simon Cat's style.  The little minx, bless her :-).

I found I had blipped the tree Bloss had got 'stuck' in, when she was a kitten :-  If the link doesn't work, you can find it through clicking on the    Bloss tag, here :- ( ) .  And it's called Bloss's tree.  And the second of the Bloss blips ( 11/02/2011 ).  And the 4th blip I have posted, with Blip

The vet sent me a card to show their sympathy for losing Bloss.  The photo is of the card.  I appreciate their kindness all through the time Bloss became ill and her departure from this planet.

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