Farewell Glenshellach

Glenshellach, leading SE out of Oban, was once a lovely, unspoilt glen with high ground on both sides. It led right down to the sea, meeting the Gallanach Road coast where the Puffin Dive Centre now sits. I remember seeing pictures with the stooks standing in the fields at harvest time. 

No more. The new Lorn and Islands hospital was first to arrive, followed by hundreds of new houses, bus garages, industrial units and everything under the sun. Real suburbia. 

Building is still going on, and I see today that some of the latest buildings are actually 3-storey flats as shown in my Blip. According to the owner of the nearby campsite, there are future plans for many more houses. What a shame! I just hope that they don't build right down to the sea.

There's one spot which I hope will not be developed, and that's the Lón 
Mór, a few acres of unspoilt wetland surrounded by the new developments. It's already encroached upon from both ends, but I hope it will prove to be too wet for even Oban's Planning Department to consider!

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