Chirk castle in Wales

Chirk castle in welsh Wales, in the lovely company of Keith's cousin Joanne. We are staying with her form a couple of nights, filling our time with conversations and much delicious food.

We were roped into a guided tour almost as soon as we arrived, by this marvellous man. Loud, eccentric, knowledgable, witty and certainly the plummiest person I've spent extended time with. He swallowed large chunks of his talk, which was weirdly confusing and amusing. There were foreign tourists listening, with bemused, solemn faces. It went on for over an hour and we should have filmed it for later use.

I was so happy to think that  this elderly gentleman could find a meaningful way to spend his time, and that he could enthuse and inspire his audience, day after day. I can cope with a lot of weird, when there are rewards like this.

Great scones and clotted cream too.

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