Chester again

Walked the walls this time, since the rain never came. We had thought of doing it on Wednesday but it swilled it down and as you know, I melt.

Chester is a fabulously well to do place, at least it seems to be judging by the fine quality of the goods available in the charity shops. We are much richer in books than we were, and just a few items of clothing. How can you resist spending a pound on a Liberty lawn printed skirt that can be made into something else? Especially one that gives money to charity as well.

We have really enjoyed visiting our relatives and spending some time in their home, and home area. I hope we will be back, there is a lot to see and relations are very precious.

Back in Blackburn now - with more relations - after a rather slow drive home through rush hour.

I have back blipped the last 2 days.

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