Beneath Biscay

By Douglian

Lagos (the other one)

Went for the day to Lagos. Lots of bars and restrauants in the main streets of the town, but all chock-a-block with holiday makers. A bit of a culture shock after laid-back Sagres.

A quick consult of Trip Advisor turned up this bar set back a bit and geared more towards locals. Had octopus and bean salad plus a portion of gooseneck barnacles for lunch (extras).

There is an annual three-day goosneck barnacle festival in the town of Vila do Bispo, next to Sagres where we're staying. We weren't aware of it and arrived in Sagres late on the last day and so missed it. So having some gooseneck barnacles (perceves as they're know here and percebes in Asturias) here sort of made up for it. M is a big fan of them, and indeed all shellfish, and I quite like them too. That said these were not bad but not the best. A bit on the small side.

Visited the Fort da Ponta da Bandeira after lunch where there were some interesting artworks on display.

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