Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Foggy Mountain

It was lovely to be back in my own bed after five weeks out of it. It's a Tempur mattress (foam) we've had some fifteen years or more an it's just so comfortable that no other bed compares.

We went food shopping to restock the bare fridge and popped into see the oldest daughter who is due for her first child sometime this month. It'll be her last week in work before maternity leave.

The blipfoto was taken of the mountain at the rear of the house. Euro Forest have been working on it for about six months cutting down all the fir trees on it and this row remains. The fog over the mountain added to the look which I like. The Welsh Government have given Euro Forest a £30 million contract to cut all trees on forestry land in Wales. Apparently the trees have a value of £50 million and there's been uproar that the contract wasn't put out to tender. The Welsh Government say there wasn't time!!

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