Mono Monday . . . Entrance

This is the entrance to one of the areas of apples growing on the orchard next to the brother in laws place.  I could smell a sweet perfume in the air.  I don't think I have smelt apple blossom before so it wasn't familiar but I'm sure that is what I was experiencing.  It was very sunny so the blossoms on the trees don't stand out very well.  I liked  the sky:-)  The trees are pruned and trained along wires to make the apples easier to pick.  I put in an extra to prove there is blossom on those trees.
The brother in law let his house out while he has been away overseas.  The tenant has just left so we checked out the house today.  Obviously left in a hurry with a note that said could the clothes, and other belongings left be given to a charity shop.  Would make a good start to a mystery novel.  The person was flying back to U.K which is a trip that is booked usually and so you can plan your leaving.  Makes me wonder what else happened to make the departure be done so quickly.  I now know what one day this week will be spent doing, cleaning their house.  They left it spotless and I wouldn't want to return to what's there at present.        

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