White Primula

I gave up on the idea of going out somewhere to look for a blip. First, I have painters here who had parked in the drive blocking my car from getting out. Then, when I did manage to get the car out and parked on the side of the road ready to go, contractors who are upgrading the storm water drains in the street had blocked the street off completely while they did some delicate manoeuvres with big machinery and dumped 2 loads of gravel on the road outside. ( I live at the end of a short street).

With very strong gusty winds today, I wasn't going to find a blip outside in the garden so when I spotted this sprig of white primula that had broken off in the wind, I knew it was going to be this or nothing - and nothing was looking a very tempting option.

I promised myself one try - and this is it. A sprig of white Primula, on a Light table app, on my mini iPad, on my kitchen table.

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