By NeilBarr

Castle Stalker

Sorry for not posting for a while and sorry for not saying thank you to everyone for their kind comments. Not been posting much of anything anywhere, then went away for an 8 day trip.

For those that don't know - This was the first night of my first trip back out after suffering (as far as they can tell) a spinal stroke back in August when I was working at the Ed Fringe - selling my work. 

Whilst I could dwell on the impact it has had on my walking ability -  to the point I don't know if I'll ever be able to climb a mountain again - I just wanted to get out and get on with things and forget about it. So I headed (for my first time) to Barra and Uist and stopped off here on the way.

To get a sunset like this on the first night, if I believed in such things (which I don't) would be seen as a good omen. But it was a special night. Just me and the dog with the place almost to myself (apart from an annoying drone) and a great start to a very busy week.

Got on ok over the week. Will post shots soon. Just tended to ignore the discomfort and get on with things. Even if that meant traipsing up and down hills when I told myself before I was going to take it easy.

Though I did return to find my "blue badge" for the van has arrived. Not quite sure what to make of that. Wouldn't have been back at all but for the neurology appointment tomorrow at Inverclyde Hosp. The more I go away (and the farther I go), the less I want to (or need to) come back.

Castle Stalker at Portnacroish, looking towards Lismore and Mull at sunset.

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