An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

What Doin' Mum?

Oh how I love that wee face!  

We seem to have a nice little routine going in the morning.

Lola wakes around 6.45am and David takes her out to do her business.  He then prepares her breakfast and once she's sitting nicely (no barking or jumping) he puts it in her crate for her to enjoy.  

I come downstairs at 7.30am to keep an eye on Lola while David goes to check on Alan.  Lola has usually finished her breakfast by then and is looking for a place to settle.  Her place of choice tends to be my lap.  When she's settled on my lap, David gives me Goldie and I put that under her head as a pillow.  She snuggles in and is asleep in minutes as am I.  

Once Alan's been checked, David will sneak upstairs and get showered and dressed, before coming downstairs to let me go back up to get showered and dressed.  

During this routine this morning, the loveliest thing happened.  I sat in my chair and whereas Lola's paws are usually on my leg before I've even sat down, this morning she disappeared behind the sofa.  For a disappointing second I thought she'd found a new spot to settle but no, she came bouncing round the sofa with Goldie in her mouth, straight over to me to get up on my lap.  She was just ensuring Goldie was with her.  So cute.

If she wakes up before David get back.  She lies and looks at me before licking my hand and giving a big yawn.  She then sits up, still sleepy eyed, before making her way back down to the floor, usually for a drink of water. 

Today's blip is her at that end stage today but after her afternoon nap, just as sleep is leaving her and mischievousness is creeping in.  It wasn't long after this we had a great game of fetch.  She was really good at it and tired herself out all over again.

After that playful morning, the rest of the day has been a day of getting things organised.  

I phoned the Vet in Glasgow who runs a raw feeding Facebook page and made an appointment with her to have titre tests done on Lola when she's 18 weeks old to check her vaccinations have resulted in immunisation.  This will give me a base line of her immunity and will help me decide if any further vaccinations / boosters are required in the future.  I suspect I will do further titre tests when she's a year old just to compare.

I have also booked a raw feeding consultation at the same time as I want to make sure I fully understand the science behind raw feeding and the correct ratios of meat/bone/offal to give to make sure Lola's diet is nutritionally balanced.  Also some raw feeding specialists recommend fruit and veg be included in the diet and some do not.  At the moment Lola's diet does include fruit and veg but again, I would welcome a talk about that.  I also want to ensure she is getting the right amount of food for her size as she grows and develops.  The lovely vet at Vet Creche in Glasgow will do all this.

I also phoned our friend Carole (Lola's breeder) and she is coming for bacon rolls on Sunday morning and bringing her older retriever Mia, as well as Lola's mum Lily and her sister Freya for a play date.  That should be interesting!  (I have included a photo collage in extras of Lola's mum Lily when she was the age Lola is now - 14 weeks.  These were taken at Alan's 18th birthday BBQ.  I am astounded at how much Lola is like her mum at the same age!) 

We haven't seen John and Norma for ages so they are coming for lunch on Friday.  This will be the first time they've met Lola.  Hopefully we'll have worked a bit more on her ability to greet visitors politely, instead of just going nuts!  

Oh and I have written out my Christmas list.  Well the list of those we have to buy for and just a few gift ideas.  I feel back in control :-)

Tomorrow we have to pop to Falkirk to Hungry Hounds to replenish Lola's empty freezer.  Think we will stop at the park first to let her get some fresh air and exercise, in the hope she will sleep in the car and not be sick.

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