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By Esper

My Last Day

It arrived today! The album which inspired this self-directed challenge. Can't wait to listen to it after I put on this blip. Tomorrow's blipfoto will be inspired by my favourite track from Savage: Songs From A Broken World. As for today's album, Splinter: Songs From A Broken Mind, well, it was quite easy for me to choose my favourite track from that album. Not because there are so few great songs on it, but quite simply because My Last Day is one of my favourite Numan tracks ever. The word cinematic was invented for this song, I think. When the instrumental kicks in, I could cry.

Splinter: Songs From A Broken World is the album which proved once and for all that Gary Numan was back! If not his greatest album ever, then it certainly belongs up there with Replicas, Telekon and Pleasure Principle on the same plateau of magnificence. Certainly Numan's most personal album (the title confirms that), it deals with his battle with depression, subscription drugs and the near break-up of his marriage. However, it is saved from being unbearably bleak by the fact that Numan came through all this stronger and more positive than ever. That also comes across in the outstanding documentary, Android In La La Land, which chronicles all of the above and the recording of Splinter.

I'd like to watch you grow tall, it can never be
Kiss you to sleep but I know it can never be
Wipe away all of your tears, it can never be
Wake you to see a sun rise that I will never see

Oh Oh it comes
Oh Oh it comes
My last day

I'd like to mend every hurt, it can never be
Be there to catch every fall, it can never be
Be there to love everything you will never be
Sleep now, I wish you sweet dreams I will never see

Oh Oh it comes
Oh Oh it comes
My last day

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