By Doyley22


My blip for today might not be wide but you needed to give this guy a wide berth!   He gave me a fright that tested my heart somewhat.  Phew.
He came out of one of the bags under the hall table.  I ask, are there any more?  After the initial shock I managed to scoop him up and dispatch him to outside for a bird's pleasure.  Phew.  He is still giving me the eebie geebies as I type.  He does remind me of the white tipped black spider that we often see.  

I've had a busy day with tending to the chookies, gym, visiting a friend and making cup cakes for another friend's birthday tomorrow.  I am partnering her in yet another game of golf.  Speaking of golf, Ninniex and I fared quite well in the recent two day event - we both came away with prizes.  We didn't quite win the overall prize - winner was too too good. 

Thank you to Cailleach for hosting WildWed this month. 

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