More to come

From the start, this is Angie's photo taken on her mobile and staright out of the phone, so to speak. No cropping, no enhancing.

Luckily she let me use it as I had not got around to taking any photos today. Was a great day even though the car was frozen over at 8:00am this morning. I think the first frost.

Walk in Ottobeuren was difficult for Flash. He isn't on good, physical, form. One of his hips is troubling him but he shows no pain. However when we got home, I cooked him a fresh few weeks supply of Turmeric which in the past has helped him greatly but Angie didn't want him to have it when she increased his vets pain killers. Nothing to loose now and I am 100% convinced of it's benefits.

Luckily when she got home this evening, Angie didn't protest. She took the dogs for a walk. The Turmeric normally takes a day or two to start it's work but I suspect we will see the benefit tomorrow.

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