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Better out than in

I don't understand why gardeners have to get upset if cats poo in their garden.  Because it is vital for the cat's health to poo and urinate.  As it is for all animals, including humans.  Ie the cat isn't doing it to annoy gardeners.  But as a way to get rid of the waste produced from food digestion.  Blossie, in the end, couldn't poo or urinate.  And so was dying from the toxic shock of the waste left to build up in her system.  If gardeners maintain a garden to engage with nature, then they have to understand that cat poo is a necessary part of nature.  OK plants don't grow where the poo is.  But that just means they need to find another place to put the plant.  And packing the borders to the brim with plants, doesn't do the plants any favours.  Because they are  then over competing for light and root space.  So a natural gap left by the area with the cat poo, will let the surrounding plants have more root space and access to light.  And cat poo covers a tiny area.  And so I am not going to continue to feel guilty if my cats poo on gardens.  Because it is better out than in.  

The photo is of my lavender in a pot, with a few flowers grown from seed.  I am using it here to show that plants can be happy, with space to breathe as it were.  I don't have a garden.  But if I ever do get some land, I won't have a formal garden, with borders packed filled with flowering plants.  But rather a meadow with horse friendly plants.  Plus a fruit orchard and lavender to attract bees and butterflies.  I am still doing the lotto.  So if I win, there is a farm in Orkney that has 137 acres, that could be home to Bella, Jade and me.  It could also be home to quite a few horses :-).

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