Love this old boy Ralph

I have taken quite a few blips tonight but Ralph stole the place he is so lovely,caught here in the last rays of the sun..
I do have some extras and the one I left off from percy yesterday..
News of the day :-(((( My thumb operation was cancelled once again yesterday~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~But It WILL be done by the Head of Orthopedics Mr Stanton On the 3rd of November on a Friday.... it has been a long road I have traveled on this subject..I always feel there is a reason for everything that happens to you. even though you may not find out right away maybe even years later..
Extras of the feather yesterday. and a few more of tonights.
also there was a rainbow right across our bungalow must mean something eh!!! my Blippers. I am using up my extras as due to my op I will not be being a member down to funds,so I will revert to just a contributor sorry but it is better than just leaving ~~~~~~~~~~~

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