By LeeAnne

Mallorca - Day 10...

Well thank fuck that's over! Jesus! I usually get some sort of lurgy after an event but it's usually in snivel form. I shall never again complain about too much snot post event!

Moving swiftly on... today we were up and out early doors and off to Pollensa via the scenic route. There were big plans to pootle down to the market in Can Picafort but we fannied around in the dinky little shops looking at tat for too long that we missed it.

Instead we decided to come back home via Lluc and found ourselves going round Soller the wrong way and thanks to Maggie (the satnav) and her duff instructions headed right into the square in the pedestrian walkway! A kind native suggested we smile and keep going whilst everyone else rolled their eyes at the wankers in the slutty car!

Obviously I brass necked it, ignored Maggie, parked like a rock star and casually strolled back into the square like a local with Ruby following ten paces behind pretending she wasn't with me.

Tomorrow we shall drive in there like ninjas before everyone else gets up so that we can be in time for the market and find a space without the tram mowing us down!

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