Scattered Polaroids

By sp

I was quite achy today from painting in weird positions yesterday.

Spent the morning having a sort out of old things still inexplicably present at my mum’s house.

At lunchtime I met Donna and Selena for a coffee. So so good to see Donna after a lonnnng time, so we had a good catch up.

Back to Bracknell and straight to Grandad’s house where Ma and Lin were sorting out books. It’s progressing quickly now, the back rooms upstairs are barely recognisable. I was persuaded to take a few more things back to Bristol.

In the evening Pose came to drive me back west. We had a plan to take some furniture back in her car, which went really well until her boot locked and wouldn’t open. We finally managed it - after some rewiring of boot electrics - only to get the back seats stuck. After about half an hour of struggling we finally managed to load the car and head off. The drive was uneventful (but when we tried the boot in Bristol it was stuck again - we decided to leave that treat for the morning).

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