I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Springs Preserve with Suzanne

I picked up Suzanne this morning and we were off to the Springs Preserve. We wandered around the gardens until the butterfly house was opened. It was early enough that most of the Blue Morpho Butterflies were resting on the ground or rocks.

They started flying and I was determined to get a shot of them in the air. This was the best I could accomplish. One hitched a ride on my pants and we finally had to nudge it off so we could leave. (second extra) The first extra is a hitchhiker with Suzanne.

We walked the trail around the wetlands and then had a leisurely lunch. Time flew by too quickly. When we were leaving this girl was doing just what I need to do right now! (3rd extra)

I dropped Suzanne at her son's place of business. What a wonderful day! As I have experienced with all the people I meet through Blip, I feel like we have known each other for years. Thanks a great day together!

When I got home, I could not find the boys until I went out in the back yard. Tony was busy putting pots, bricks and whatever he could find across the top of the wall. The "puppies" next door had discovered that they could come visit in our yard and thought it was a great game to find ways to get in the yard. 

I think we have things secure. The fence guy was here measuring today, so things are in motion.

My brother arrived while all this was going on. Judy has a pet sitting job, so Gary is with us until he goes home Monday.

I am grateful to have a new blip friend, the yard somewhat secure and a glass of wine waiting for me. Whew.......

I am sure I had some better pictures in the group. This was a quick look, edit and post. 

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