Silly Little Nuthatch

This little Nuthatch was spending time on the suet when I went out to attempt a photo, but I couldn't get anything with him in back and out of the light. Then he flew to the top and just stayed there; that is very strange behavior for a Nuthatch, usually they grab a little food and dash off. He was still sitting there when I came back in the house. Hubby said, "That was the most cooperative Nuthatch ever." I totally agreed; he must be a young one who hasn't learned to be afraid.

I felt good enough to spend a couple hours in the garden; the weather was lovely at about 70F and sunny after a rainy night. Perfect when we get our rain overnight and then have a sunny day. I definitely enjoyed my time outside with gentle activity. Feeling a little tomorrow is the day I will be perfectly healthy. :-))

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