7-9 loss!

Or it may have been an 8-10 loss. I lost track of the goals.

The team played a lot better than last week and looked like they might actually win or draw, but at the end they let a load of goals in after being 7-5 up. They always run out of steam at the end and our defence always get carried away and end up at the wrong end of the pitch.

Leo was a bit down that so many flew past him, but he saved loads too and his kicking out was much better - no flop kicks straight to the opposition this time.

After that we didn’t do much. I had a nice nap to try and kill off this annoying bug. Then we popped to Tiverton for a cuppa and to pick up an M&S Christmas food catalogue. We were thinking of eating out this Christmas Day, now that Leo is older. However, we thought better of it as one or other of us is usually under the weather so we figured home would be best. Nothing beats the norovirus year when we ended up binning so much food as no one could eat properly for about a week . We definitely don’t want a repeat of that!

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