Having been interviewed for a new role at work back in May, I am finally able to move into it, or can do as soon as soon as I've completed the handover to my replacement who it has taken just over 4 months to hire! See, I'm almost irreplaceable ............. but not quite.

Re - dinner at Tim's (see yesterday's possibly drunken blip), he has had to clear his house of all his 'man junk', give the walls a lick of paint, fix the dining table, buy and assemble new dining chairs, buy a dinner service, a Nespresso machine, coffee cups, two sofas, a nest of tables, drinking glasses and probably a whole lot more besides. All this for Diana's birthday - she's a very lucky lady.

Following the success of last week's charity bike ride (56 miles), the idea of doing a 100 mile ride next year has now been floated, not by me, but I'm tempted. Proof if any was needed that I am MAD.

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