Ready for snow...

We can't leave Louie alone in the caravan or car for very long, and he doesn't walk very far or very fast, so we spent a very pleasant day just pootling around in the Dales.

First stop was for coffee at the Tan Hill Inn (extra) - the highest pub in Britain at 1732 feet (528m) above sea level - in Swaledale. Their winter vehicles are parked outside and ready for action! Then MrM drove us to Hawes, in Wensleydale, through some fabulous dales scenery. Quite apart from the fact that it's a lovely town, it has a 'proper' Yorkshire fish & chip shop - guess where we had lunch!

MrM had planned a trip to Snaizeholme Red Squirrel Trail but, disappointingly, we arrived to discover that access is only by pre-arranged bus from Hawes - the leaflet didn't mention this or the fact that there is absolutely nowhere to park. A glaring oversight! So, on to Cotterdale where we had a walk by the river with Louie, and then walk without him to Cotter Force (extra).

The caravan site is so close to the Tan Hill Inn that we couldn't resist returning there for our evening meal. When they say giant Yorkshire pudding they mean GIANT (dinner-plate size) Yorkshire pudding, and it comes piled high with vegetables and mash, topped with beef and ale or sausage with lashings of gravy. Delicious! If you're tempted to go there and try this dish, you don't need a starter first! Louie thought it was an excellent choice - we took him a huge doggy bag...

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