The Andy Murray legacy

While out walking today I met a retired local businessman and we both stopped to admire this view of Park of Keir.
The conversation inevitably got round to the recent disastrous decision by the Scottish Government to allow building here.
He blamed politicians (“they can’t even lie straight in their own beds”.)
Soon million pound   houses will be built on this iconic Greenbelt between Bridge of Allan and Dunblane in order to help fund the Andy Murray legacy: a tennis centre, which even he has tweeted, could be “ in the wrong place”.
No research was carried out to see where in Scotland would be the best place for such a legacy.
If they had its unlikely they would have come up with a couple of fields in the middle of open countryside.
Instead a developer offered Judy Murray this site on condition he got permission to build houses.
So this is an upmarket housing development masquerading as legacy to a local sporting hero.
And we have the SNP led Scottish Government to thank for this.  No wonder people are leaving the party in droves totally disillusioned with Nicola Sturgeon’s Stalinist approach to the wishes of the people.
Oh yes, the rest of the money for the Andy Murray legacy -£8.5 million- will come out of the public purse.


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