Daft Maul

We took the dogs out to Beech Woods this morning, it's lovely over there although it was a bit dark so I had to 'enhance' the extra a little.

Bertie disgraced himself hence this post bath shot.

I spent most of the rest of the day continuing sorting the garage out. My dad always had lots of racking in his garages, everything neat and tidy. I on the other hand have always just piled stuff in to the point where I could hardly get into it. So I have invested in some shelves and now everything has a place.. He'd be very proud ;) Shame I didn't actually sort any of it out though, just piled it onto the shelves. Anyway it's much better now, room to get the car in and actually open the door.

Alf played football this afternoon, I thought he played well, he thought he didn't.  I suspect it's because he's tired as we've been up for the Japanese GP all weekend and he had a very late night. Cracking race, what a shame about the Ferrari...

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