Ball Skills

This morning we all went to Victoria Park, where we were delighted to bump into an old friend, and CyclopsJnr played nicely with the other kids. 
Then we went to Pizza Express for lunch, which was lovely.  CyclopsJnr was very good, so everyone enjoyed themselves.
This afternoon MrsCyclops was out so Cyclops and CyclopsJnr got up to some mischief.  We spent a long time practising throwing and catching with a bee beanbag.  Then we drew a face on a balloon, and laughed as it went all big when we blew the balloon up.  Then we went to Ravelston Park to play football.  There was a lot of handling as well as kicking from some players, but it was a lot of fun.  CyclopsJnr managed to sting his finger on a nettle, but was pretty good about it.  He also befriended a little girl who was also playing football, and they ended up playing nicely together on the swings, seesaw, roundabout and slides too.  CyclopsJnr was getting pretty tired by this time, so he was devastated to leave his new friend when I took him home for dinner.
We’ve had a lovely day!


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