By RealSandee

Sunset and hangover

Being hangover isn't fun. Although I had a great night yesterday I feel like it's not worth the pain. My head is banging, completely out of order. After an attempted try to eat breakfast in a pub, I had to ask the waitress to put it in a food container. I wasn't capable of eating even half of my Scottish breakfast. Her literal words were "Oh I feel exactly how you feel and believe me we all went through this before" - kind of a relief, still ashamed though. Later this evening my friend M had the great idea to watch the sunset up Caltonhill. What a sunset! Sad it was cloudy but it makes the picture look really nice. Doesn't it? This walk and the food afterwards put my head back to a normal state. So thankful. We ended the evening by watching "Safe Haven". What a beautiful Nicholas Sparks movie (/book).

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