On the trail of Burke and Hare 5

For previous instalments see here.  Unable to continue to work in Edinburgh and to escape riots outside his house Dr Robert Knox moved to London in 1842 and took up a post as pathological anatomist at the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital at Brompton. He worked there until his death in 1862 and is buried in the Brookwood Cemetery near Woking.  Today I sought out his grave - see extra , which was originally a flat featureless stone, presumably to avoid the attention of the time. In 1966 the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh placed the granite block  with his name, dates and occupation - Anatomist - to mark his place in history. 
If you have read this far you will be wondering what on earth the photo has to do with Robert Knox. 
I have to thank Burke and Hare for bringing me here.  The cemetery was unexpectedly interesting and on top of that - a visit to what I expected to be an ordinary cemetery chapel, looking for a geocache, turned out to be my first visit into an Orthodox Christian church in Britain . Turn back British Christianity over 1000 years and enter this church dedicated to St Edward the Martyr who was killed in AD 979. It is full of what look like medieval icons of Christ. I have never seen so many pictures of Christ in a church, It was beautiful and the Brother we found in the church was happy to spend time talking about the church and the history. All very fascinating .
You can read about Brookwood Cemetery here. It really is worth a visit. They hold regular guided walks. 
And meanwhile Mr P walked the last 25 miles of the North Downs Way. He has done all 130 miles in 5 trips. The extra shows him at the Stepping Stones over the River Mole.

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