By Topsyturvy

Home decor

A pretty little feather adorned this web - maybe it'll start a trend! A new website ....
Some unwelcome news this morning which threw LH in particular. Being more of a realist I was less surprised!
Anyway, Poppydog and I took a short wander for light relief and she enjoyed her plunge pool as usual. And the spider's web was above a rather nice gate 18th century (I think) gate lock which attracted me in the first place(extra blip). Shame it's had rather too much paint but still very elegant.
All the planting jobs are now done, including some shrubs which came from Surrey and finally deserved some freedom. The soil here is definitely different; a sandy top layer (possibly man made from building) and below a sticky clay with numerous rounded pebbles. I know the area was periglacial/glacial in the past so this is evidence of the sort of smoothing forces that shapes the area aeons ago. I think a lot of soil improvement is in order!!

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