Transformed for a film

Some scenes for a new Netflix drama are being filmed in Berwick. Apparently The Outlaw King, set in the 14th Century, is about Robert the Bruce, who led the Scots in the first war of Scottish Independence against the English. Over the last week the film crew have been transforming Berwick Quayside in to the Port of Glasgow, and the Old Bridge in to London Bridge.

Filming is taking place this week (yesterday and today), and yesterday the footpath over the road bridge overlooking the film sets was closed to pedestrians. Today it was open - so, of course, I couldn't resist having a look at what was going on! There looked to be a market on the quayside (extra) and, as I left, horsemen galloped in, accompanied by a crowd of people on foot.

Would love to have watched for a bit longer, but had to dash for the bus home...

(Not the best of photos, as they were taken from quite a long way away.)

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