Dark and Bright in Dublin

The image above was captured under today's grey skies from the upper level of a double-decker bus. The architecture seems mostly Georgian, but don't ask me to discuss it more precisely. The taco and burrito shop nearby (see the extra) seems to be doing its best to dispel the gloom.  We were on our way to the  National Gallery of Ireland, which has been greatly expanded this year by the reopening of a large older building, which has been under renovation for at least four years (I also heard six). The new galleries are wonderful; notable for us was Caravaggio's Taking of Christ, which was rediscovered thirty years ago in a nearby Jesuit residence--a fascinating art historical story. We also were very impressed by the 17th century Dutch and Flemish works in the collection, which had not been fully on display on our previous visits to the museum.
(By the way, our suitcases turned up this afternoon - they arrived on a later flight and were delivered to our hotel.)

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