Molly is one year old today

Hi everyone Molly here today as it's my birthday I'm one year old that's 20 in human terms.
I'm feeling very grown up now but I still like to freak out from time to time well quite often actually.
I've settled in well and know every crook and crany in the garden and I'm almost as good as the cat next door at catching mice.
Talking about cats it's a full time job here keeping them out of Dave's garden, they sneak in while I'm sleeping.
I like helping Dave in the garden but I'm not sure he appreciates my digging capabilities.
MrsD is great and takes me for lots of walks almost everyday and I've lots of doggy friends on our routes.
I like going in the car for drives and I'm allowed in some shops my favorite being the pet food shop where I got caught shop lifting once but let off with a warning.
So all in I guess I made the right choice coming here I know they love me so I'll try to be better behaved from now on I promise.
I think well hope I've a few treats in store later.
Big woof to y'all and my Blip doggy friends.
Thanks for dropping in and I hope you have a nice day too.
Oh yes here's a few photos of me I hope you like them.

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