By D77


This morning (the Muslim holy day; the equivalent of your Sunday) we woke up to a temperature of 16 degrees celcius. The coldest I've known it here in Oman is 14 degrees and though that might not seem too low, when you're used to the high thirties it is positively baltic.

A cup of coffee with scrambled eggs, beans and pork sausages is an expensive but well deserved treat for a lazy day where Larissa was forbidden from talking about wedding stuff until the evening, which is now. It's not that I'm not excited, it's just well...boys, you know what I mean right?

We saw 'Traitor' at the local cinema today. Not impressed, especially with what Don Cheadle thought passed for acting. I'm getting a bit tired of Hollywood trying to do Middle-East/Religion/Terror based movies and thowing in every cliché possible. "It's God's Will", "Who am I to judge", "Do you think all Arabs are terrorists?" etc etc. There was a Leonardo Di Caprio film that did it quite well recently but I've forgotten the name already.

Sunday (really Friday, but you know what I mean now) telly is the superb Planet Earth series which we've just borrowed on DVD.

And talking about wedding stuff, of course.

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