I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Wednesday at Canyon Gate >> #8 << 1:05pm

The course is in the middle of over seeding. The bermuda grass goes dormant when the temperatures go below a consistent 80f. To keep the course green during the winter they have to sow rye grass. This involves closing the course, laying down the seed and making sure the new grass comes in properly.

The down side of that is it takes place during the best weather! The up side, it gives me a chance to do other things during the week instead of playing golf.

This year they worked on all 18 greens, taking them down, rebuilding them and reconfiguring several of them. By the time the course opens back up, we will have what seems like a brand new course. After not playing most of the year, I am pretty excited about getting back out there.

Today, I went out at the worst possible time for photography, but I wanted to get a shot of the course during this time. In this picture they are laying sod on the 9th green in areas that the seed didn't take.

You will be amazed over the next few weeks at how quickly the grass comes in. I will be going out each week to document the progress.

I am grateful for the workers that keep the course looking good, even during this time!

As with ALL our pictures, it looks much better large!

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