You gotta move

During their early tests, the doctors had found there was a build-up of fluid around my heart which looked to be causing the symptoms I'd had. But while they'd talked about the possibility of draining this, they'd held off from doing it. 

Wasn't feeling great today and my blood pressure was very low, so in the evening one of the cardiologists came and did another echocardiogram. This showed the fluid had increased, so he decided to wheel me along the corridor to cardiology and drain it "while you're still relatively well".

A very odd experience, having someone poking around your heart with a big needle, and they took two goes to position the draining tube which prolonged the experience. But the painkiller (described as "a bit like morphine") made it all a bit surreal, almost funny. 

This all happened very quickly, and the ward phoned Mo to let her know I was being transferred.  I think they could have chosen their words better when they said I was going to cardiology "and we don't expect him to be coming back". 

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