About to shoot

Get moved into a side ward that somehow manages to be almost as grim as the main ward.  

I feel I must be having some kind of hallucination when a yellow-clad figure enters the room. I only realise it's Mr Smith when he expresses his horror at the lack of any art on the walls. Me, I'd have settled for a window. 

He has brought some very funny reading matter and fine banter, and demands nothing more than a blip in return. 

Towards the end of his visit I am struck by a powerful and urgent need to urinate (due, I think, to one of the drugs they're giving me).  So when I say to Gary, "sorry mate, I really need to pee. Could you..." what I meant was, a) pass me that cardboard bottle, b) pull down the blind on the door, and c) step outside for a moment.  

I've no idea what he thought I was asking him to do, but for a moment there was a real look of wild panic about him. 

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