Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Pink Graffiti

This is the only photo I took today. Just a quickie with my phone. Drizzly gloomy day - but I did have lunch with both sons, so that was nice. This started out as a photo of some graffiti on the wall opposite the backstairs to the Live Arts' office. I'll put the original photo in as an extra so you can see what it was before I started playing around with it. The "wall" is plywood, covering the bottom floor of a building that was under construction in 2007. And then, through a sequence of increasingly stupid behavior on the part of a series of owners, it has remained unfinished since they got to the point of putting the roof on - which was probably in 2008. No outside walls, mind you. I'm not sure what the situation is at the moment - but whoever owns it now keeps promising to finish it... Cue the flying pigs.

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