By Viewpoint

Bagger Wood

Almost a fungi free walk, but good to be outside on a pleasant day.  Top is a parasol fungi I spotted in the field as I began my walk and the rest were taken in the wood.  I chose a path that I hadn't walked before and came across the area where they'd been logging and replanting.  The Woodland Trust has a long term plan for the site where they will replace the majority of mature conifers with deciduous native trees.  They've done quite a bit of work on restricting access to horses from smaller paths but left a bridle path running through the middle of the wood.  Uphill followed and I eventually found myself back in a part of the wood I know.  I was greeted enthusiastically by one dog out on the walk who thought it was great fun that I was photographing the fungi and that this must be a game, fortunately his three companions were more restrained!

I also did some photo printing as there are a couple of things coming up soon.  I'm a bit disappointed about the quality of my pyramid orchid taken in Umbria, which is not as sharp as I first thought.  I clearly didn't look carefully enough!  And I'm still trying to select a couple with a bit more human interest though some of my favourites from Assisi were the exteriors of buildings where the stonework had been filled in, re-worked over time.

p.s. I appear to have uploaded this to the wrong day - it actually belongs to the 12th but I uploaded on the 13th.  Because I made a composite it lost the EXIF data.

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