Stace The Ace

An old photo of me, but this is the mug you may have seen greeting you on the BBC homepage today. Remember a few weeks ago I did a radio interview about asexuality? The Beeb had such an overwhelming response they decided to transcribe most of the interview into an article for their site, and the response has been frankly overwhelming. For the most part it's been positive; my friends and family have been amazingly supportive about it, and a lot of complete strangers online reached out to tell me how the article had made them realise they are Ace and how much of a relief/excitement they feel over it. Of course there were some twits (with comments ranging from digs at my appearance to offers of sex to "fix" me to downright awful threats/insults), but I knew that would happen. If I'm honest, my mental health has been so much better since discovering asexuality that I was in a much better place to brush off most of the negative comments and focus on the good ones. Overall I'm very glad I chose to do it, but I am so emotionally exhausted now!

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