Three hours of pure enjoyment

What a lovely afternoon, ignoring the damp day and the aching joints and being creative was a good decision. Keith was doing roof-related jobs outside, but I am not a happy bunny when it's this damp.... so being in a nice dry workroom at 16 °C was most pleasant.

I stopped part way through and took this picture of the big table, or part of it. You might recognise some of the stuff... I used the two square frames I found in the second hand shop yesterday to frame one of the poppy pictures.

The long strips have been chopped up and are now glued onto card stock to make birthday cards, or something-cards. One of my favourite activities at the moment.

Now the meatballs are sizzling, the vegetables are steaming, the lingon and chutney are ready to be used as condiments - and we are trying out Keith's newest creation, sauerkraut. It tastes interestingly sweet and a little bit fizzy - and is loaded with excellent probiotics, apparently.

We have a red wine in our glasses, it's got a silly name "Smart Dog! - I bought it because I saw an advert in the in-flight magazine (I make no pretence of knowing what I'm doing when I buy wine, often going off the country and the smashingness of the label). I am delighted to see that it comes from  Estremoz in "our" part of Portugal, the Alentejo! 

There is hardly any Portuguese wine in Sweden so I feel particularly happy to have found one, and can report that it is a perfectly lovely blend of Syrah and Trincadeira grapes. The information from the lovely winery visit we had with D and M is all coming back to me, it's almost like actual knowledge. 

Happy weekend fellow blippers, Fridays are still special, even if I can suit myself any day of the week.. I love knowing it's weekend and everyone is free too.

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