The golden light....

I haven't had much of a chance to go out and take in the wonderful colours of the ferns, trees etc., this season....too busy and with a painful knee i've not had the usual desire to go for walks!   All that will change in the next few months....once i get my bionic knee!!!!

With only 2 weeks till surgery i'm feeling pretty calm.....listening to some guided visualizations and affirmations is really helping me shift my thoughts.....there has been so much research done on the mind body connection....proving that how we control our thoughts either aids or hinders our healing process and the outcome of major surgery.  So, i'm choosing to listen to the positive stuff, put the fear and anxiety in another place.   I'm sure i'll be anxious the day off, but hopefully it won't be as full blown as it might be if i was still in the fear ridden space i was in a few months ago!

Off out for dinner with Jane....she leaves Cape Breton Island on Monday for the Big City (Toronto) for the winter!   so we'll have a last supper together before she's off!

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