By Doyley22


....morning at the beach.  How beautiful it was.  I had a ride on my bike, again, to North Mole before returning to the beach for a dip.......yes a swim in the cold refreshing water.  That action could be construed as silly!!  The water was a lovely aqua colour and so refreshing.  Back home on the bike in wet bathers, shorts and t-shirt with my camera on my back.

The swimmers in the blip were a group clad in wetsuits who started running along the beach and back (crazy running in wetsuits were my thoughts) then they took to the water and were swimming "around the cans" as they call it (the positioned marker buoys), back to the beach and then another run sprint along the beach to the finish.  
The Extra is of the grasses on the side of the path to the beach that looked rather 'pretty' at 8am this morning.  

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