Well where to start with today's emotional wonderfulness? The morning began with Lenska, the floral magician, finishing her amazing autumnal bouquets and table decorations and then her family were gone to the chateau and Tomáš and I were left with our nerves. Marketa's brother Ondra arrived to drive us to the chateau for lunch. As British Mother I was seated at the top table next to Tomáš's father. We don't speak each other's language so we had some fun with my translation app which was pretty useless, resorting to hand and face signals!

Marketa's father, Josef, made his speech and finished with a few words in English, welcoming me to the wedding, which was both unexpected and very kind.

The four courses (!) were delicious. We had the same starter as yesterday, followed by venison pate and salad, followed by soup with noodles and meat dumplings, followed by roast pork wrapped in ham, potatoes and vegetables, all beautifully cooked.

Then it was on the bus to Tomáš's home village of Ruda nad Moravia. Thirteen year old Philip, with excellent English, asked to sit beside me and we passed the journey discussing Harry Potter, science fiction and holidays. He was such an able interpreter for me.

At the church, guests were gathering and enjoying small cakes and plum brandy then it was time for everyone to enter the church and for Tomáš and I to take up our place behind the priest. I don't know who was more nervous walking through the congregation.

The Mass lasted for an hour And then we emerged in to the sunshine and autumn colours for photographs and congratulations. To use their puzzle theme, Tomáš and Marketa fit together perfectly.

Back on the bus and more conversation with Philip, then we were back at the Chateau for the evening party. The young singer who began the entertainment was very good indeed and shortly moving to London to pursue a musical career. After the traditional cutting of the cake I said my goodnights to Tomáš and Marketa and retired here to my room with my glass of wine. It's been a full on day and I'm shattered.

Tomáš and Marketa's friends and family have made me very welcome. They are relaxed and sociable and nothing is too much for them. This brief visit to Czech has been just splendid.

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