One Man and his Dog

and his phone. PA and myself spoke to this gentleman in Portuguese but PA thought that he was from South Africa. His Dog is called Zulu.

Another lovely day relaxing. It’s a good job that our hosts are in charge as we would be doing too much . We are learning to chill more here.

At an early hour someone mentioned popping down to the nearest village where we might have coffee. Well that got me up and out without much palaver. This was where this shot was taken. Later we went down for some shopping to San Bras but first of all a walk about. We have been here before but it looked different with a nice square and fountains and a garden that is very old. A lady who was a local worthy asked if she could tell us something about the place. She was not pleased about the many cats and having to pay for their upkeep. She had a fair point as they were messing up the gardens and some of them disfigured about the eyes.

Then back home and nice barbecue and big discussion which I did not take part in much as I don’t know enough about foreign politics. That is Mr AF’s domaine. It was heated. It’s bed now.

Apologies for not commenting while on holiday

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