You have to be fast...

... to catch Rusty!  Well at least some bits of this are in focus.

This was the morning's walk, stick throw, race about and general get-moving-after-the-night-before. Not to do with the amount of alcohol consumed as that was modest, more to do with a short night and the damp weather playing merry heck with all the over-60 joints! It was a lovely sunny morning and the dog is always keen to walk, which encourages the rather more sluggish people.

What a nice evening we had, there is nothing like old friends, and old friends laughing together, relaxed and easy with each other. I feel so grateful for this richness - so much so that the next meeting is already planned within the month! At our house this time, but how can we live up to the heights of Rose's fantastic lemon meringue pie???

Came home and pootled a bit before finding some direction, in my case up to my workroom for some creative play. I become absorbed in the colours and shapes and the unexpected twists and turns the paint decides to take. Two dozen cards are now ready for something or other. I listened to a radio discussion on whether St Paul was in fact a Lutheran. Interesting ideas from your theological academic Swede. Sometimes I have to pinch myself - am I really hearing and (more or less) understanding this esoteric stuff in Swedish? However did that happen to a clog-wearing Lancashire lass? Where did she get to?

It is properly dark by 6.30, and that's being generous. The nights are certainly drawing in and a log fire is a tempting thing. Tomato, onion and lentil soup is on the go - with the first sour dough loaf to be baked for many a month - and a nice French cheese warming gently on the table. The weekend is winding down, the working week is waiting in the wings for many. But not for me, which feels absolutely marvellous. (wipes smug grin off face, replaces it with smile of gratitude)

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