Coughton Court

As it looked like it maybe a pleasant day we took off for Coughton Court, a National Trust property near Alcester. As expected it was pretty busy though we managed to get a table in the cafe for morning coffee/tea.

Coughton Court is best known for its association with the gunpowder plot of November 1605 when a group of Catholics tried to blow up James I at the House of Lords during the state opening of parliament. Some of the conspirators stayed at the house whilst planning the act whilst the family Throckmorton conveniently moved to their house in Devon for a while. It would appear the best known of the terrorists, Guy Fawkes, caught in the act in the bowels of the Houses of Parliament with thirty six barrels of gunpowder, did not actually stay in the house. Eventually all the gang were captured, most of whom were hung, drawn and quartered, some following torture on the rack.

This picture from the gardens shows some autumnal tints so I'll also enter it for this month's Community Challemge, Seasonal Colours.

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